Tania Kernaghan - 23 January 2021

On Saturday morning, 23 January 2021, Mal West was joined by co-host Tania Kernaghan to present a very special addition of Saturday Morning Country. The Tamworth Country Music Festival was cancelled due to Covid, so 101FM decided to bring a little bit of Tamworth to 101FM. 


Throughout the morning Tania and Mal spoke to Country stars and Golden Guitar Winners - Tom Wolfe (Wolfe Brothers), Tom Curtain, Lyn Bowtell, Catherine Britt and Casey Barnes; as well as Cheryl Byrnes, editor of Capital News Magazine and our very own Hal Taylor and Ian Day.

A huge thank you to Tania Kernaghan for coming into 101FM's studio and being so generous with her time, for organising so many great interviews with her friends, and for the wonderful prize packs (and the delicious honey). 


Special thank you to our sponsor Flowerhub.com.au for the beautiful flowers. 

Hal Taylor

Cheryl Byrnes - Capital News Magazine

Ian Day

Program End

Mal and Tania - flowerhub.com.au

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