Tech Talk Part 2 - February 2020

Upgrade to 101FM Studio A - Here at 101FM we have just completed an upgrade to Studio A resulting in the biggest change to how presenters play out their programs in about 10 years. Previously we operated one computer to play the announcements and another to play the music. The announcement program and its computer were quite old still running on Windows 7 Pro 32 bit so if this computer had failed it could not be replaced as Windows 7 is no longer supported and Windows 7 operating system can no longer be purchased.

We were also running a DJ program to play out the music which was not specifically designed as a radio play out system and was running into limitations with the large amount of music we have available at the station. The decision was made to replace both these computers with a single computer running a purpose designed radio play out system on a new computer. This has meant that all presenters have had to be trained on the new system and with so many presenters at the station this has been quite a challenge.

You will possibly notice some glitches in the program as presenters become familiar with the new system. Fortunately we are still running the old system in our second studio, Studio B, so those presenters who do not feel comfortable with the new system can still use this second studio. However, in about 6 weeks the second studio will also be upgraded so both studios will operate in the same way.

Following the work being completed in Studio B, the outside broadcast desk will also be upgraded. In this way we are continuing to improve the facilities at 101FM and keeping the equipment and the sound up to date. As always we thank you for your continued support.

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